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Barbara Wright Abernathy

Barbara Wright Abernathy

What I Do:

I am an author, speaker, founder and CEG (Chief Executive Goddess) of the Venus On Top Society, the social network for take-charge women and supportive men who enjoy female led relationships. My book, Venus On Top: Women Who Are Born To Lead And The Men Who Love Them helps a woman discover whether a non-traditional female led relationship is right for her. My passion is to destroy the myth of gender roles in marriage. Men who want their women to take more control find that giving the Venus On Top book to their woman is an easy comfortable way to get the conversation started. I have done in-person speaking, radio and even been interviewed on NBC TV. (Catch the video on my website:

Why I'm Taking Alex's Class:

I want to help men and women who are struggling with relationships because they don't fit into mainstream society's ideals. Men who want a female led relationship have difficulty letting their partners know their desires. Women who could be happy in a female led relationship don't know that this is a viable lifestyle practiced by about 20% of couples but concealed because it is misunderstood by the 80% majority. I believe that connecting with my members and prospective members via teleseminars would be a great way to build community, increase membership in the Venus On Top Society and sell more books, too. The teleseminar format allows people to be anonymous while still getting the information they need. I think it will also help them overcome the feeling that they are alone out there. Interviewing other experts in the field is something that has never been done before but sounds like it could be a winner for me financially. I'm taking the class because I want to make more money doing what I love with the shortest learning curve possible. My topic is really unique but the principles should work no matter how specialized a niche is. I see that there are a number of relationship coaches and experts in our group. If you are one who has something to offer my members, please contact me and let's see if we can help each other out. Married men are always asking me how they can get their wives to take more control. If you have solutions to that problem, I have a list of people who would gladly pay to hear you.

My Ideal Prospect:

People who are interested in real world female led relationships and looking for acceptance and understanding of their lifestyle. Supportive single men who want to know how to find a "Venus On Top" woman. Feisty successful single women who have been told they are too much of a challenge for the average man--they are probably just right for the men on the Venus On Top Society site!

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